Lightning strikes

Well home with a Nice drink before bed. I’m up at 5am. Really really proud of the lads. Just watched x factor playback on sky and it looked and sounded great. It’s proud big brother time again.
Tomorrow back to glasgow and Newcastle for the start of our radio tour . It’s going to be busy.

Home or away?

Just got home at 1:15am, still got loads to do, then up early to make sure all is sorted.
It’s a long thankless task.
Well at least tomorrow I get 12 hours off on a flight. A chance to rest I think.

To pack or not to pack.

Never got back home until after 10pm tonight. Think all paperwork finished for brazil. Got schedules to work on now.
Really should pack tonight, as tomorrow full and very long day, then up pretty early on Thursday
However hooked watching a steps reunion documentary.
Reminds me of some very happy touring days.
Think I did 3 steps tours, and always a laugh.
This documentary is quite revealing though. Other bands should take note !

Girl guides show at the weekend

Why why

Why why do I not use this? Just found the log in again, so we will see

X-tra hello tonight

Well it’s been so so long but November the 28th I will remember. One of the most important days of our new band “the wanted”. Tonight I’m sat in the x-factor, canteen, 18 million viewers. It’s make or break time.

If you had two cats… What would you call them? I’d call them “one” and “two… ‘cause if “one” died I’d still have “two”!!!!!!!!!!!! Boom, boom!

I had a cat called Coco once, so the other would need to be channel

Ask me anything

Any plans for another trip up to Glasgow?

hopefully soon, but work is bust this month and April

Ask me anything

So many things to tweet

I have so many things to update. I had a secret trip to Hollywood that I had to keep quiet, so I kind of stopped updating then. So got Hollywood, another trip to New York, a radio tour with the Saturdays, loads of work updates and more to tell you all about.

On the set of hollyoakes, it’s too early for anything! What are we doing ?